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Company Overview

Micro-C Technologies Co., ltd was founded by a group of experienced RF experts in 2009, offering high performance RF components including balun transformer,
coupler, splitter, hybrid, filter, equalizer etc. Our broad portfolio is widely used in CATV devices, Settop box, MoCA, FTTx, optical Nodes, cable modem,
HFC to simplify the design and improve system performance for its best-in-class performance. Micro-c also can provide customization design service.

Product Overview

1. CATV components(75Ohm), suit for set-top box, MoCA, FTTx, Optical Nodes, cable modems, HFC infrastructure.
Balun Transformer: impedance transforming and unbalance-balance transfer.
Power Divider: 1-1600MHz, 2 way 3 way and 4 way.
Coupler: coupling from 6dB to 20dB, frequency covers 5-1200MHz
Filter: Low pass, High pass and Band pass, diplexer and triplexer.
Hybrid: customized from 20MHz to 500MHz.
Equalizer: customized with specified band and best performance.
2. Communication components and modules. (50OHm mW to KW power handling)
Power Divider: covers 0.1MHz to 18GHz, 2way to 16way or more, customized with given spec.
Coupler: 0.1MHz to 18GHz, 6dB to 60dB…
Hybrid: customized for 20MHz to 8GHz, 90 degree or 180 degree,and antenna beam forming network.
Filter: LC and Cavity filters,filter-isolator module, switch filter module, frequency-hopping filter.
3. Aircoil: Automatic production line for all kinds of aircoils.
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